Check frequently asked questions

Can I rent a car for one day? Ypon request.

Yes. The minimum duration for car rental is one day (24 hours).

What happens if I get a penalty ticket?

Any speeding penalties, parking tickets or any other penalties or offenses that violate Greek law will be charged to the customer.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation free of charge.

Can I be picked up from the airport and dropped back there?

You can choose a pick-up location at the airport, a hotel or in the city.

Do I have to pay separately for the pick-up locations?

We offer free pick-up and drop-off at Kefalonia airport, Argostoli port and in radius of  15 km around them. Pick-up at other locations will incur an additional charge.

Do the rental rates include taxes?

All taxes are included in our prices. There are no hidden costs for car delivery when you rent with us.

Is my rental vehicle equipped with road assistance and repair service?

Yes. Kefalonia Rent Car offers 24-hour roadside assistance, which includes a fast breakdown and recovery service, and roadside repairs.

Can I add a second driver? If so, how?

The vehicle you will be renting will be driven by the person you have stated. If you want to add additional drivers, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE. The addition is made at the rental office when you pick up the car. Additional drivers must be present with their driving license in order to sign the rental agreement.

Parking in kefalonia?

Mostly parking in Kefalonia is free of charge. You may park your car rental where allowed, don't park your vehicle where a disability sign exists, unless you have a permit, and or do not block disability ramps on pedestrian walk.

How to make reservation?

Reservations can be made through kefalonia rent a car website , on whatsup , viber, facebook , instagram or by direct contact to us by telephone.

When to make a reservation?

We know that in the high season in kefalonia it can sometimes be difficult to rent cars from us. So if you plan to visit kefalonia in July-September we recommend that you place an order as soon as possible.